Ripening Persimmons

Yi Gao — artist and storyteller

Gently squeeze to see

if fruit yields using a firmly

placed thumb. Astringent

types are yielding when ripe.

Non-astringent varieties

go either way, but note

size and color of each exotic

piece. Place in brown paper

bag with an off-gassing banana,

crumple or nestle together

in a deeply rounded bowl

for a couple of days and long

nights, nesting, entwined. Eat

strawberries while you wait,

sip champagne, embrace, slip

 into our luscious sweetness

♦    Kate Campbell

Note: Scientists in California and Japan have discovered how to sex persimmon trees. Male trees code for a very small piece of RNA that acts as “molecular scissors,” cutting down gene expression to create a female tree. But, the experts say RNA scissors can be “fickle,” and this may help explain why “dioecious” plants that are genetically one sex can also function as another.

Published by Kate Campbell

Writer, editor, photographer, novelist, short story writer, poet.

One thought on “Ripening Persimmons

  1. Hi there. I’m a freelance designer in Northern California and I’m doing a pro bono project for a local women’s festival. My business name is Persimmon Graphics. I wonder if I could use this image for my program ad. It’s a small, black and white ‘zine format program with only 300 copies. After some internet image research this appeared and it is absolutely perfect. Boom. I will be forever grateful if you are able give permission for one time use. The event is called 02F (ZeroToFierce) Women’s Festival in Arcata, California, in coastal Humboldt County. Thanks a million for considering it!

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