Paradigm Changer?

The Ambassador of Bliss, J.P. Hansen, also author of the popular romance novel Pink Slips and Glass Slippers, as well as a nationally recognized expert in career development picked up a copy of Adrift in the Sound and called it a “Paradigm Changer,” going on to say:
For a first novel, Kate Campbell writes a masterpiece. The free love 70s evoked memories of that era. Protagonist Lizette is well-developed throughout a complicated but effective plot that involves witnessing a murder.  Intriguing setting, clever use of metaphor and symbolism, colorful prose, convincing dialogue, and mythical themes make this story come to life. From Looney the Orca whale to Lizette’s father, the minor characters strengthen the story. In “Adrift in the Sound,” Campbell manages to challenge the reader’s paradigms and cultivate new ones by story’s end.”  
Rating: 5 Stars

And, Jim Crocker of Missoula, MT, named one of today’s hottest thriller and mystery writers (ADAM JAMES THRILLERS and AARON NORCOST SUSPENSE) last week offered reviews of Adrift and its companion non-fiction book on the final editing process for publication, Between the Sheets: An Intimate Exchange on Writing, Editing, and Publishing on Amazon:

This story was a privilege to read–a true gift. Thank you, Kate.

Right off, the floor fell away and I was adrift–no stopping, no turning back. It was like walking through a doorway and it was forty years ago.

This gripping story of personal struggle is set against the turbulence of the seventies. But this is no Love In. This is hard-boiled, in-your-face writing, and Kate Campbell pulls no punches. It reads like memoir, but really it is fiction shot through with the stinging clarity of truth.

If you lived through the era, you’ll recognize the characters–adrift on the emotional roller coaster that racked and paralyzed the nation. This is the story of all of us–those who “made” it, those who fell and those struggling today with truth and justice in their search for the American Way.

Rating: 5 Stars

Between the Sheets—Thomas T. Thomas and Kate Campbell
A Peek Behind the Curtain—A Journey of Discovery!
Ever wanted to be the fly on the wall? Here’s your chance.
Between the Sheetschronicles the dialogue between writer (Kate Campbell) and editor (Thomas T. Thomas) concerning Kate’s first novel, Adrift in the Sound—which was a fabulous read. Dorothy called it, “Best book I’ve read in a long time.”
Of course, immediately after finishing Adrift, I jumped Between the Sheets, as it were, for an opportunity to find out just how this amazing story evolved into the light of day. The collection of emails between writer and editor discloses more than I’d anticipated. You’ll be privy to a candid, honest discussion, where lives (albeit literary) hang in the balance.
Thomas is a wonderful editor and spirit guide. We would all be fortunate to have him covering our back.
Between the Sheetsis a must-read for writing students and seasoned writers, alike.
Writing is a journey of discovery. While yearning for the end—the publishing of our new baby—we bask in the process along the way—whiling away in solitary hours writing, editing, turning over stones, trying on hats, anticipating the next surprise waiting around the corner. Conjuring a story may not be magic, but we certainly hope the final result will be.
Rating: 5 Stars

Look for a Word Garden review from me of Tom’s forthcoming novel: The Professor’s Mistress, due soon in ebook format.

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