The Children of Possibility

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It’s a long and winding path to conceive a story and turn it into a book. The way forward with a story is filled with possibilities — some exciting and worthwhile, others leading to a dead end. I know this because I’m about to complete my first hike to publication, with a launch expected in the next month or so.
My friend and editor Tom Thomas, however, has traversed the territory many times and he has been a great help to me in the final stages of editing the book. Tom has published about a dozen books spanning the Sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, history categories. (He hates the idea of genre, where stories and books must fit into tight categories, and prefers a wider margin for his writing.)
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While Tom was helping me finalize the Adrift in the Sound manuscript, he also was finishing his latest book, The Children of Possibility, which is available now available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple iBooks. $2.99 to downlaod.

I had the pleasure of reading the book in manuscript and offering some thoughts for the final edit. In a way, The Children of Possibility is like one of my own kids — smart and funny, with some interesting twists.
Meet Merola Tsverin, at first glance a little girl. But really she is a time juggler, one of the far-future masters of time’s ever-branching river.  On a backward search from the 11th millennium, Jongleur du Temps Merola Tsverin samples genes among the varied populations of 21st century San Francisco.

Along the way, she retrieves an artifact for a collector: a home-run baseball from 1998. Her theft sets off a chain of consequences that threaten the very shape of life on Earth. Merola finds herself trapped in the 21st century and seeks a way forward to her own “reference now.” And, when she fails to report in, her friend and mentor, Jongleur Chief Coel Rydin, works backward to try and find her and correct the mistake. If he fails, the world will never be quite right.

Thomas T. Tomas
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Robert L. Thomas

This inventive novel of science fantasy spans 360 million years in a thrilling ride through intricacies of metaphysics, evolution, retribution … and baseball. The Children of Possibility adds new meaning to the terms, fast forward and rewind. I recommend it. To learn more about Tom and his books, visit his website at:

Then, find a shady seat in the garden and settle into an entertaining read!

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