The Run Around: Bows & Arrows Gallery

Back in the day, young artists get nostalgic in a series of new works at Sacramento’s Bows Gallery, showing from Sept. 1 to Oct. 4, 2011. Although wildly different in medium and subject matter, California artists Ryan De La Hoz and Judd Hertzler share a theme of nostalgia — not an iconic sort of cultural or national nostalgia, but rather a private longing for “the days.”

The exhibition, which is composed of new samples of De La Hoz’s minimalistic yet painstakingly crafted ink-on-paper drawings and of Hertzler’s multi-media clever composite pieces, is an autobiographical glimpse into the way both artists revisit their own “days.”

San Francisco-based artist Ryan De La Hoz has become ubiquitous during the past few years, with his images popping up in zines and magazines in the U.S., France, England and Japan, and his 3-D and 2-D work invading galleries in California, Washington, Germany and the Philippines, to name just a few places.
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Judd Hertzler is the art director for Midtown Monthly and the Capitol Weekly Group, and a sought after designer and an obsessive skateboarder. He is also the author of a recent art book, A Moment to Reflect, which is a visual diary that chronicles his life in drawings, collages and words.

About Bows Gallery at Bows and Arrows: One-of-a-kind multi-use space that includes a vintage boutique, a rare (and less rare) beer and wine bar, a restaurant, and a lavishly green patio. Located in the heart of midtown, the gallery is devoted to discovering and promoting new local artists, and by bringing national and international artists to California’s capital city.


hours: tuesday – saturday 11 a.m.- 11 p.m.
address: 1815 19th street, sacramento, ca 95811

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