Clarifications and Flying Tomatoes

Just got this post from Linda Vida, librarian extrodinaire and Director of the Water Resources Center Archives at the University of California, Berkeley.

Dear Kate, Couldn’t help but respond to your Waterscapes and Hockey Pucks post, made me laugh. But, while it was great meeting you and I thank you for writing about the Water Resources Center Archives (WRCA) and the collaboration with David Rumsey and the California Office of Planning and Research to digitize the California Water Atlas and make it available online, there are a few things I want to explain.

WRCA is a great library and, in addition to our print collections, we are involved in lots of cutting edge digital projects. Readers can visit our website at or give us a call to find out more about the exciting things going on at WRCA.

Now, for a few more comments. I’m not sure that all the plates to the atlas were destroyed and I’m going to follow up on that. (The California Water Atlas is a treasure of California natural history. See previous post: Waterscapes and Hockey Pucks on this blog). I’ll add a post later on what I find out.

And, I didn’t see your chicken flying off the plate when we had lunch, but I do remember some vegetables being air borne across the table. It was a bit disconcerting since I haven’t had that much practice being a hockey goalie!

I am a gardener too, but unfortunately a fairly lazy one that can’t take too much hot weather. That means my yard improves slowly and is not in the greatest shape.

Heirloom tomato photo courtesy of the Vegetable Duchess, contact her at

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